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Built on Principles


built to last

We specialize in concrete flatwork and foundations such as driveways, patios, pools & pool decks, steps, sidewalks, commercial floors, parking lots, etc. From standard finishes to exceptionally creative designs. The founders of BuildPro have decades experience in high-end concrete projects. Our work is built to last and look beautiful for years. If you need a new driveway or patio for your home, office building, townhouse, or commercial property, then you have come to the right people. BuildPro STL Construction Inc. is family owned and operated. We stand behind our work so that you will be proud to stand on it.
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high quality at a great price

Because we specialize, BuildPro STL Construction Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality, longest lasting, and most beautiful concrete driveways, patios and pool decks in the industry. And because we only do one type of work — exterior surfaces — we’ve become exceptionally efficient at what we do. That means we provide better value for your money than any of our competitors that try to do everything. Your driveway or patio is our best advertising, so we guarantee it to be beautiful for years to come at a price that’s right.


building your dreams

We are concrete driveway and patio experts no matter if it’s a simple driveway for a modest home or an intricate design for a luxury estate. We do custom work so you get exactly what you want. Let us help bring your vision to life, creating the special look you want for your driveway, patio and your entire home. We add value, beauty, and function to every client’s property. If you can dream it up, we can make it a reality.

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attention to details

No job is complete until you are 100% satisfied. We consider every job we take to be our client for life, not a one-time customer like so many fly-by-night contractors treat their work. We intend to earn your business today, and for years to come. We can only do this by being the best at what we do, exceeding your expectations, and providing exceptional results at a fair price. The job is only complete when you are 100% satisfied. We are always a phone call away if you ever have an issue. And we will be around ten years from now, this you can count on.

commercial projects

We are proud to have worked with some of the Midwest’s wonderful developments. Our Commercial Division is happy to work with developers, general contractors, and owners on any project big or small.

Residential Properties

From a foundation of quality, trust, and craftsmanship, we started BuildPro helping St. Louis homeowners improve their property’s beauty and value. Let us show you how we can do the same for you.


We are proud to have worked with some of the Midwest’s wonderful developments. Our Commercial Division is happy to work with developers, general contractors, and owners on any project big or small.

Utility Companies

Supporting our community’s utility companies, our Utility Division is a service that brings us great satisfaction. We love contributing to the infrastructure that keeps our city, our state, and our country working, drinking, and driving.

Our Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction is Everything

The founders of BuildPro STL Construction Inc. are born and raised in St. Louis. Our family and friends live here. We went to school here. “What high school did you go to?” Our kids probably play little league with yours. We have nothing without our reputation, so quality and your satisfaction are our highest priority.


Quality in your work is a matter of pride, integrity, and accountability. And it has to come from the top. The owners of BuildPro STL are perfectionists with character. Corner cutting is the construction industry is rampant. But we won’t have. If specs call for 8 inch thickness, you’ll the full 8 inches.  


BuildPro STL never tries to be the low bidder at any cost. Nor do we inflate prices just because we can. Our prices are set to provide the highest quality product while earning enough money to cover our costs and make a fair profit. Lower prices sacrifice quality. Value is the best product at a fair price.


We stand behind our work 100%. No job is finished until you are totally satisfied. Our business does well year after year only by making each client so satisfied that they would hire us again, and recommend us to their family, friends and neighbors.