3 Reasons to Choose Concrete Flooring for Your Commercial Building

Did you know that the Romans are responsible for perfecting concrete? The Pantheon in Rome built in 120 AD, is still the largest unsupported concrete structure in the world! 

That means it’s been standing for nearly 2000 years! So if you are looking for something durable and long-lasting when it comes to commercial flooring then what more proof do you need than the Romans?

Keep reading for our top three reasons why concrete flooring could be the perfect option for your commercial building.

Easy to Clean and Hygenic

Concrete flooring is stain-resistant. Not only that, it’s easy to clean thanks to its smooth texture. A regular mop once a week will leave a concrete floor spotless and pristine. 

Tiled flooring has grooves where dirt and bacteria can collect and wooden floors can easily absorb mildew and grime. A concrete floor on the other hand is flat and water-resistant which helps to keep cleaning low maintenance and quick-drying!

Additionally, it has a natural resistance to bacteria meaning germs can’t thrive on a concrete floor. In the era of COVID-19, a clean and hygienic environment is important for everyone. You will be keeping everyone in your building feeling safe and appreciated. 

Modern and Timeless Style

Since the 1960s concrete has been a stylish choice. It was used to create entire buildings, furniture, and even jewelry! Due to its low carbon footprint, it has recently gained further popularity in eco-friendly design which means it’s here to stay as a timeless choice. 

Concrete comes with a range of finishes. You can keep things classic with the grey rustic original or you can polish concrete to make it look sleek and professional. 

The style options don’t stop there. Even the color and texture are changeable! You can also add a patterned finish if you are looking for something with extra personality. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at some of our latest concrete projects!

Affordable and Simple Installation

The low cost and abundance of cement mean that concrete is a very affordable option, even when covering a large surface area. Its simple installation means that labor costs also remain low. 

The fact that concrete is very durable only increases its desirability as a low-cost option. This low-maintenance flooring will not need regular repairs, polishing, or waxing in order to look professional – unlike wooden or titled flooring. 

When it comes to energy efficiency concrete flooring could also save you money on your bills. Concrete reflects heat and maintains a steady indoor temperature year-round. 

Looking to Get Some Concrete Flooring?

Now you know the many benefits of concrete flooring. The combination of its stylish look, hygienic properties, and affordability make it the obvious choice for commercial flooring. With a wide array of colors, textures, and finishes, there are many options to suit your commercial building. 

Why not contact us today for more information about concrete flooring options and get a quote!

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