3 Ways to Promote Sustainability in Earthwork Projects


The overall value of the construction industry in 2020 is estimated to be right around $1.4 trillion. When you are in the business of large construction and earthwork projects you know how important getting the job done right can be. 

With this huge market value and abundance of competition, embracing new practices can keep your business afloat in turbulent economic seas. One of these new practices is sustainable development.

Sustainable development includes sustainable construction. However, it means so much more than just building things the right way. Read on to find out more.

Get Sustainable Construction Materials

What are your building materials made of? Are they sourced to sustainable suppliers? The cornerstone of your sustainable construction practices is sourcing sustainably created materials.

This means things such as getting your lumber from the right sources. Sources that embrace the practices of sustainable forestry. Not ones that clear-cut and leave the land in desolation.

It also means making sure that your dirt for earthwork projects is free from harmful fillers. That way it won’t degrade the environment.

You will find that sourcing your construction materials to sustainable providers is not too hard.

Embrace Sustainable Earthwork

There’s a right way to do your earthwork project and a wrong way. The right way includes incorporating sustainable practices into your project.

This includes examining the pre-existing natural habitat around your earthwork project. You should always try to keep the existing functions of the ecosystem intact.

It means things like examining the natural hydrological and drainage features. It also includes figuring out ways to maintain natural migration corridors. These features are important for deer and other animals.

Comply With Necessary Regulation

There are all sorts of environmental regulations that you need to comply with in life. This is even more true when managing a sustainable earthworks project.

It’s all part of your overall sustainable employment practices for your client. The most important part of these practices is conducting a proper Environmental Impact Statement.

You should do this before beginning your construction. An E.I.S. will allow you to take into consideration all of the environmental effects of your project. It will also make you take into account various remedial actions.

In addition to mitigating negative effects, you will want to conduct a slew of environmental site assessments. These ensure that the area you will be constructing on is not full of hazardous materials.

The last thing you want is to inherit a Superfund site. You will end up spending millions cleaning up somebody else’s mess when you should be building your project.

While complying with necessary environmental regulations might seem like a hassle, it is well worth it in the long run. 

Promote Sustainability

The practice of sustainability can be applied to almost any industry. Sustainable earthwork practices can make your project a giant success. It will also be beneficial to the environment in general.

Make sure to complete your earthwork construction project sustainably. Do this by calling a professional with a history of sustainable development.

When you are ready to begin your project, contact us today so that you can get the top name in sustainable construction working for you.