4 Inspiring Parking Garage Designs

Although parking structures took a hit in 2020, the commercial parking garage industry is on track to come back in a big way, projected to earn nearly $9 billion in 2021. If you need to build a parking structure for your business, how can you make yours different, creative, and innovative?

Your parking lot has to be functional, that’s true. But it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Don’t follow the same old blueprints for your new parking garage. Check out these four interesting and eye-catching designs to feel inspired.

1. Going Green

The first structure on our list is completely made out of concrete but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the sight of it. The Ballet Valet Parking Garage located in Miami’s historic Art Deco District is covered with greenery.

This eco-friendly parking lot is covered in box planters so that there’s always something green growing along the walls. This makes it sustainable, beautiful, and makes it blend in with the surrounding scenery.

2. Functional and Fun

Parking lot designs can be both fun and functional and the Seamless building in Adelaide, Australia and the Kansas City, Missouri Central Library Parking Garage prove it. Their parking lots are built to look like things relevant to their offices.

The seamless building uses mesh to look like a leather couch while allowing cooling airflow to circulate through the building. The library’s garage is painted to look like a stack of books.

3. Add Interesting Elements

The Saint-Gervais underground parking garage is dedicated to creating an artistic space and allows different artists to decorate their walls. In Car Park Plaza in Cajnovas, Spain, you’ll be amazed by all of the beautiful colors that decorate the walls and structures.

When making your own parking lot, consider adding a few interesting elements to make it stand out. Even something small, like adding durable patio stones to part of the garage, can add an eye-catching piece to your place.

4. Use What You’ve Got

Worried that you don’t have the best space for your commercial parking lot? Take a closer look at what you’ve got and see if you can repurpose or expand what’s available.

For example, the Michigan Theater Parking Garage was once part of the thriving entertainment district. Although if fell into disrepair over the years, it’s now experiencing a second life as a parking lot.

An old neglected space nearby might be just what you need to make sure you have enough parking. Always take a second look at your resources.

More Parking Garage Inspiration

We know that you’re feeling inspired after reading this amazing list. These four examples of ideas you can use for your parking garage are sure to make it into your new design.

From building something new from the ground up to repurposing what you’ve already got, there’s so many directions you can go. Don’t settle for same old-same old; do something different with your commercial parking lot.

Ready to get started building the parking structure of your dreams? Contact us today to make your vision a reality!

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