5 Long Term Results of Bad Building Foundations

building foundations

Are you having concerns with building foundations about to be poured or a building at risk of collapse? Don’t wait to address these worries.

The foundation is the very first step in constructing a building, and it can also be the thing that brings a building down.

A bad foundation can cause ruin for an entire structure. There are several reasons why a well-made building foundation is key to the longevity of a building and why a poor foundation is always a cause for concern.

Keep reading to find out 5 results that may come from bad foundations.

1. Structural Integrity

A building rests entirely on its foundation. When a child builds a house out of blocks on the carpet, if the carpet is removed, the entire building will fall apart. A foundation provides structure and support from beneath, and if it is cracking, moving, or made wrong, the building may experience similar results.

Walls may crack or fall in due to an unsound foundation, and this doesn’t only happen in empty and forgotten buildings. People working and going about their day could come into harm’s way and even risk death if in a building that has a bad foundation. If you notice walls that bow out, sunken areas in the floor, or cracks in walls, it could be due to a weak foundation.

2. Water Damage

Many buildings use a concrete foundation to support a larger structure, so water damage may seem like a serious issue. However, water coming in through cracks and settling in basements or into walls can cause greater problems.

Cracks in a foundation can lead to water leaking in and impacting more than just the floor. Think of wet drywall and electrical wiring. These can cause dangerous situations and weaken the overall strength of the building. 

3. Consistent Costly Repairs

Bad foundations will lead to more and more repairs as time passes and these costs add up. A larger building will be especially at risk of possible collapse and need more extensive repairs to prevent this.

A foundation isn’t something that can be immediately fixed and then ignored either. If it was built wrong at the start, it’s unlikely to need repairs just once.

4. Plumbing and Utilities

If there are cracks in the foundation due to ground shifting or a poor job at the beginning, plumbing and utilities could cause problems years later. A pipe could break due to a shifting foundation, leading to additional damage and repairs. And if there are cracks, that could lead to cold or hot air coming in, upping the energy levels needed to maintain a healthy environment throughout the entire building.

5. Insects, Mildew, and More

All of that water from poor plumbing or a cracked foundation can cause mold and mildew to grow, putting those in the building at risk for sickness or worse. And building cracks caused by a weak foundation can bring in insect infestations and further deteriorate a building.

Building Foundations for the Future

Solid building foundations can help a building stay safe and upright for decades. The foundation building materials, location, and construction process can impact how long a building will last, and how much it will cost to maintain it down the line.

Building a foundation needs to be done by professionals with experience, who know how to get the job done right. A quick and cheap job can lead to the total collapse of a building, so don’t cut corners when it comes to building that base. And if you found this helpful, keep reading more useful tips on construction.