5 Signs Your Business Needs a Parking Lot Repair

parking lot repair

Nearly 63% of American drivers surveyed said they will avoid driving to certain destinations such as shopping plazas, sports centers, or airports because of difficulties associated with parking. 

If you own a business, you want to make sure the parking experience is an easy one for your customers. You don’t want potential customers to turn away or leave because of subpar parking.

To keep your parking lot in good shape, here are five signs to look for that signal your business needs parking lot repair. 

1. Standing Water

Puddles of water in your parking lot may point to drainage issues. The standing water can damage and erode the asphalt over time.

When it rains, the water can enter through the cracks in the asphalt. During the winter, when the water freezes, it expands into ice and results in further damage such as cracks or potholes.

2. Cracks or Potholes

Cracks are another sign that you need to contact a parking lot repair company. Cracks can arise over time from the weather. They may also come from the wear and tear of heavy vehicles. 

Cracks can result in potholes. Potholes can damage vehicles–they cost drivers nearly $3 billion a year.

Cars that drive over potholes can suffer a flat tire. They can also damage your car’s suspension, body, and even your car’s alignment. 

3. Faded Asphalt

When customers visit your place of business, you want to reflect a professional appearance. This includes a well-maintained storefront as well as a parking lot.

However, over time the asphalt can look faded and worn out. The sun can turn the parking lot into a gray color. 

You may see other issues with a parking lot’s appearance such as oil stains. The combination of these issues gives your parking lot a worn, unsightly look. What’s more, the oil stains can wear away at the asphalt.

4. Raveling

Raveling occurs when the asphalt starts to break down. Small rocks and particles will then dislodge from the parking lot which results in an uneven, rough texture. 

You may notice small pieces of gravel around the raveled parts of the parking lot. Over time, additional wear and tear will continue to erode the asphalt and make the damage worse.

5. Plants Growing 

Another parking lot maintenance issue is grass or other plants growing through the cracks in the parking lot. You might also see weeds growing around the edges of the asphalt.

If the plants continue to grow, the strength of the growing roots can break through the asphalt. You can seal the cracks to prevent the weeds from growing.

Need Parking Lot Repair Services?

The appearance of your parking lot can speak volumes about your business. You want your customers to have an enjoyable experience visiting your place of business even before they enter your doors. 

If you are experiencing any of the issues above, your parking lot might need repair or maintenance. 

At BuildPro STL Construction, we can help you with parking lot repair services. Contact us for a consultation.