Does My Business Need an ADA Wheelchair Ramp? All You Need to Know

Did you know federal law states most businesses in American must be accessible? And most businesses must provide other accommodations for their disabled customers. 

You should provide an ADA wheelchair ramp for your business no matter what. But is it required by law for your business to have an access ramp? We’ll also tell you what ADA stands for and how we can help you

In this article, we’ll tell you whether your business has to be wheelchair accessible. Keep reading to find out more about ADA business requirements, types of access ramps and so much more. 

What Is the ADA? 

The Americans with Disabilities Act on July 26 in 1990. This law prohibits discrimination against disabled Americans. The ADA ensures they’re treated the same as their abled peers. 

Wheelchair users can take part within their community… if they have equal access. Installing wheelchair ramps at each exit and entrance gives wheelchair users access to businesses. 

All people with mobility issues must have access to services and housing. This is according to the ADA itself. If a person can’t get out of their wheelchair, how can they get into your store? 

What Is an Access Ramp? 

An access ramp is a sloped form connecting two surfaces together. In this case, the access ramp connects your storefront and exit to the sidewalk outside. 

But you can’t layout a slab of concrete, smooth it out, and call it a day. You must follow accessibility regulations when constructing wheelchair ramps.

Most ADA wheelchair ramps need handles on either side of the ramp. Handrails provide disabled people with extra support. Low handrails give them something to grab onto if they need support. 

Businesses must have a wheelchair ramp if it’s financially possible to build one. The feasibility of creating an access ramp doesn’t depend on when the building was built.

In the ADA it says your business needs a disability ramp if it’s “readily achievable”. If the business owner has the financial means to build an access ramp, they have to build one. 

Why Should I Install an ADA Wheelchair Ramp?

Some people with mobility issues can climb a few steps or walk a short distance, but a wheelchair ramp may help them. American businesses must give these individuals a proper entrance and exit. And these exits and entrances must be accessible.

Consider the difficulties of maneuvering stairs with crutches or a walker. This is one of the reasons most businesses need a wheelchair ramp for their customers. 

Our Services 

If you’re interested in building an ADA wheelchair ramp outside your business, we can help you. We specialize in concrete, paving, earthworks, and excavating. We can help your business meet the ADA business requirements.

We are a growing company and we’re dedicated to helping our clients with their projects. We help commercial business owners achieve their construction dreams.  

Give us a call today and talk to us about installing an ADA wheelchair ramp for your business. We’ll see what we can do to help you and your customers and make your business accessible.  

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