A Complete Guide to Concrete Repair

concrete repair

Do the cracks and imperfections in the concrete around your property make you cringe?

The problems may not have drawn attention before, but when it’s obvious that you need concrete repair, you want to act fast. The longer that you wait, the more opportunities people have to take note of the lackluster appearance.

If this sounds like your situation, you need a straightforward guide that helps you answer the big questions. Is it necessary to look at concrete repair contractors to achieve a brand-new look? Could you have prevented some of the unsightly problems?

Discover the answer to these questions and more in the sections below!

Fixing Structural Damage

If the problems are severe enough, you could need extensive repairs that fix fundamental flaws. While that’s potentially more expensive, concrete restoration at this level can also make the material stronger.

Signs of Structural Damage

If you’ve noticed one or more issues, a quick correction may become necessary to protect your investment. While conducting an inspection, look for the following:

  • Chipping
  • Deep cracks
  • Crumbling
  • Bowing or bulging

These problems may be the result of poor concrete maintenance. Unfortunately, this may not become clear until these signs appear.

How to Fix Structural Damage

Concrete repair products can take care of these deep flaws while supporting them with additional reinforcement. The process begins by removing damaged parts of the structure and mixing the solution. 

Afterward, the mixture becomes layered, shaped, and packed to reshape the structural profile. Once a worker smooths and completes final touches with a trowel, a simple water curing typically finishes the process.

Fixing Cosmetic Damage

Even if the problems you’re facing don’t threaten the structural stability, cosmetic issues can leave an equally poor impression. Guests, tenants, employees, or even customers may question the quality of goods and services based on these flaws.

If you want to avoid pricey repairs, you’ll need to understand the following signs and how to take care of them early.

Signs of Cosmetic Damage

It’s crucial to stay calm and recognize the difference between natural settling and a fundamental flaw. The details can vary, but generally, you can look for these signs:

  • Flaking concrete
  • Staining
  • Shallow, but frequent cracking

These issues happen during the natural use of concrete as a sidewalk for pedestrians or parking lots for vehicles. However, once enough of these imperfections appear, some basic repairs can make a significant difference.

How to Fix Cosmetic Damage

Most concrete repair products for cosmetic problems focus on smoothing and resurfacing.

Yourself or a concrete contractor begins by cleaning the area, most likely with a power washer. After everything becomes clear and damp, a mix is applied and spread across the surfaces. After waiting an hour or two, you may not recognize the parking lot that gave you headaches.

Need to Know More About Concrete Repair?

Understanding some of the essentials of cosmetic or structural concrete repair is only the start of the process. While the process for repairing concrete is simple, it can be tough to master. 

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