Asphalt Maintenance in the Summertime

There are over 150,000 places of business in Missouri. And each of those business owners and government workers alike has a lot to keep an eye on. Payroll, building maintenance, and supplies are all factors when running a successful day-to-day operation.

But what about the literal ground beneath our feet? How often should asphalt maintenance take place?

When the hot temperatures of summertime arrive, many feel they can hit the pause button when it comes to maintaining their commercial asphalt. Why? Because they know that the damage-causing ice and sometimes hostile weather of winter and spring have passed on for another day.

However, there is a lot more to taking care of asphalt than just keeping up with maintenance during the cold months. Lots of damage can be done to any parking area with high temperatures, puddling rainwater, and the like. So here is a quick guide that you need to know on how to protect your asphalt in the warmer months.

Do a Thorough Inspection

Just as a person would with winter maintenance, take the time needed to do a thorough examination of the area. And recruit people to help you do so to make the process go faster.

Look for cracks, bumps, potholes, or other issues that could cause significant underlying damage. Make sure you take thorough notes and pictures so you can identify where they are later.

Get a Professional to Help With Repairs

After your inspection, what if you discover some problems? Call in a professional to help with asphalt patching

This is not something a person would want to tackle on their own, either. Special equipment is needed to make sure the repair is done correctly. Anyone attempting their own DIY asphalt maintenance services runs the risk of creating even more damage.

Asphalt Maintenance Includes a Good Cleaning

Every asphalt maintenance company will recommend the summertime as ideal for giving the commercial asphalt a thorough cleaning. Debris such as dirt, pebbles, and leaves left behind can cause new cracks to form and more damage to the asphalt. And it always makes the curb appeal that much more attractive when those things are cleared out of the way.

What about chemicals and residue that vehicles can leave behind, such as oil drippings or other leaks? Ask a professional which chemicals can be used to wash away any unwanted grime and residue.

Seal the Area

A good coat of sealant can go a long way in minimizing the damage done over time and keeping asphalt looking pristine. Get an affordable asphalt maintenance company to give it a new professional coating, especially if you can’t remember the last time it got one. 

Be Summertime Ready

A lot of damage can be done to commercial asphalt with the flowing water and high temperatures that accompany summer. But if a person follows this basic guide and stays regular with asphalt maintenance, they will find that avoiding costly damage (and staying within their maintenance budget) is easier than ever.

Want more information on asphalt, concrete, or other construction topics? Or looking for some assistance on a future commercial or municipal project? Contact us today for more information! 

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