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Classic Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway in Clayton MO — BuildPro Concrete
Textured Concrete Driveway with Aged Staining: This beautiful and recently remodeled home was held back by an old, tired, cracked, and skinny driveway. The sub-standard driveway detracted from the home’s curb appeal as well as made approaching the home in icy or snowy weather less than safe.

Project Overview

Classic, Understated, Timeless

Our designer and the client decided on the classic, understated, premium textured concrete driveway with aged staining to complement the home and give a timeless feel that the home deserved.

Using a tan coloring along with a textured aggregate, a warm color with excellent grip in wet or icy conditions was achieved.

Textured Concrete Driveway Drain Clayton MO BuildPro Concrete
Textured Concrete Driveway with Drain

We also incorporated a low profile drainage element near the top of the drive. Placed between the rear detached garage and the home, this line-style drain redirects rain run-off away from the house to preserve the foundation’s integrity while keeping the basement dry no matter what the St. Louis weather throws at us.

This new driveway will add solid utility and classic beauty in keeping with this beautiful home and neighborhood for decades to come.

Project Statistics

How this Job Compares

Overall Difficulty of Project
3 out of 10
Time to Completion
3 Days
Approximate Square Footage
1500 Square Feet
Price Range
$12,000 - $18,000

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