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nice folks building beautiful things with concrete

Building Beautiful Things With Concrete

One PROJECT at a time

Who We Are

Time-tested & Cutting Edge
Like many businesses, BuildPro Concrete started with a few people looking for a solution to a problem: how to do higher quality concrete work at a lower price than our competition by embracing technological advancements in equipment, materials, and the software that runs our business. That was back in 2008. Now we are a growing company dedicated to helping our customers, both residential and commercial, realize their construction vision while staying on time and on budget.

How We Started

Humble beginnings
Back in 2007, the seeds of what would eventually grow into BuildPro Concrete was sown as an uncle and his nephew began to collaborate on launching a small concrete business with a singular mission: doing the best residential driveways of any concrete company in St. Louis.

From that simple idea, we’ve continued to grow, slowly and systematically adding capabilities to our business, always with the same guiding philosophy: be the best at what we do or don’t do it all.

Helping Our Communities Grow

Our Business Is Building Your Dreams

What We Do

Building our cities and homes

Nearly every structure, whether a home, building, sidewalk, driveway, patio, pool, wall, street or tunnel, starts with concrete. Structural concrete is the single most used construction material on the planet. Part tradesman, part engineer, part artist, the concrete worker literally shapes our cities and homes with his or her hands. It’s hard work, but worth every minute.

Why We Do It

Challenging, exciting, rewarding

Working in concrete, and construction in general, is a profession in which we take great pride and satisfaction. It’s an honor and privilege to create things that add such benefit to our clients. We are helping our city, our communities, our friends and neighbors to live better lives by enhancing their homes, by improving our infrastructure, and by building the structures from which our businesses operate.

What We Believe

A culture of doing good
BuildPro Concrete was founded on some old fashioned ideas too rarely found in the construction and building world. Ideas like delivering exactly what you promise, putting long-term quality over short-term profit, and basing our success on relationships as opposed to transactions. Crazy notions like telling people what’s realistic instead of what they want to hear, and providing great customer support from start to finish and long after the job is finished. We also believe that all problems can be solves with hard work, team work, perseverance, and copious amounts of coffee.

Where We're Going

Oh the things we will build

We believe much of what’s most important in life has nothing to do with bottom-line profits. Things like enjoying your work, taking care of your health, having time for your friends and family, do things that make you feel fulfilled and proud, and making the world a better place in whatever way, big or small, that you feel compelled to do. Where we are going is fundamentally informed by these beliefs. And that won’t change. Ever. At least not while I’m alive.

— Craig Allan Teich, Founder

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