Earthwork Series: City Infrastructure

City infrastructure relies on solid earthwork. It takes up a large part of the budget and planning. This is because of its importance in the overall construction.

It’s predicted that prices will continue to rise. It’s due to supply chain problems and other Covid-19 related issues. These problems don’t stop the world’s growing need for solid infrastructure.

Find out the importance of earthwork and how it relates to city infrastructure. 

What Is City Infrastructure?

This is a vague term that encompasses a lot of services. Most people take them for granted but notice when they’re gone. These structures are the basis for the economic and social growth of a city.

It includes things such as aviation, bridges, communication, and much more. All of these services require regular maintenance. Even before that they first had to be designed, prepared, and built.


This varies from city to city depending on public needs. For example, public transportation in New York is different from that found in a much smaller city. Regardless of size, all cities have transportation infrastructure.

Airports are a crucial part of transportation infrastructure across the United States. 381 airports received funding from the FAA totaling $840 million overall.

Bridges and public transportation also fall under city infrastructure. Every year large amounts of money are spent to build and maintain these systems. Earthwork 

How Earthwork Is Used

Earthwork is incorporated in soil remediation, site demolition, mass excavation, site grading, clearing, grubbing, and much more. So, it’s essentially everywhere.

The purpose of earthwork is to create a reliable infrastructure that lasts a long time. Earthwork can also be used to reverse engineer projects. This helps predict expenses for new construction projects.

Planning and Design

Before any work begins there has to be a design and a plan to make that design into reality. An earthwork team is responsible for creating a plan that is suitable for the construction needs.

Environmental Sustainability

When creating a design the team is aware of the impact the project has on the environment. One goal of earthwork teams is to make sure they aren’t harming the environment.

It’s more about working within nature’s limitations and finding ways to utilize natural resources. It’s not about destroying anything. 


A common earthwork technique to increase longevity is soil stabilization. This is a process that increases the strength of the ground by changing the physical properties of the soil.

There are other techniques available to earthwork teams to increase the lifespan of infrastructure.

Learn More About Earthwork and Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a vital part of any economy. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the industries we have, let alone continue to grow.

Hopefully, in the coming years, more money will be invested into projects that strengthen our infrastructure. 

For more information about earthwork and city infrastructure, contact us today! Our experts would love the chance to speak with you and even set up a free consultation.

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