Earthwork Series: What Is Clearing and Grubbing?

Would you like to know about land development? Are you interested in learning how certain bodies of land came to their current condition? It’s no secret that landscapes must be prepared and developed prior to construction taking place. And that’s where the concept of site clearing and grubbing comes into play.

What this entails is that you are essentially preparing the land for further development. However, you may be curious to learn about the…

Process of Site Clearing and Grubbing

When a plot of land is examined and the proper site demolition has been completed — the excess surface remains in addition to any vegetative residual. These things are then extracted through the process of clearing and grubbing.

The clearing is reflected in the removal of all herbage and plant life. While the grubbing is comprised of the withdrawal of roots lodged in the soil once clearing has occurred.

Grubbing dispenses with trees, bushes, debris, stumps, vegetation, etc.

This then prepares the land for site grading, soil remediation, and other processes. Once these procedures take place, the lot is ready for new infrastructure.

Site Clearing and Grubbing: The Machinery Needed for the Job

Whether the landdev eloped is for commercial purposes or transportation and industrial infrastructure, the machinery that’s used remains the same. Some of these engineering marvels include:


Bulldozers easily fall into the category of one of the quintessential machines for clearing and grubbing. Their versatility assists with a plethora of tasks.

These machines are usually armed with a dozer blade along with the attachment of a root rake.

Toppling trees and removing debris is infinitely easier with the utilization of the blade.

To continue the mass excavation, contractors then utilize the bulldozer’s root rake. This tool grubs out the deep roots within the ground, effectively clearing the area.

Skid Steers

The clearing and grubbing process is further aided with the assistance of a skid steer. These machines can provide great utility as they can help with tree extraction and other important activities.

Typically, the customary accessories with these units include many features. Some of which are rock rakes for pulling sizeable rocks from the ground, grapples for hoisting and transporting trees, as well as brush cutters, mulchers, and stump grinders.


Contractors use the evacuator machines for clearing tree roots, rocks, as well as other materials from the landscape.  

Also referred to as a backhoe, these machines possess digging buckets that are practical for small-scale jobs. Moreover, they also have bigger ones for more challenging or muddied terrain as well.

Understanding the Details of Site Clearing and Grubbing

There are many crucial components to understand when it comes to site clearing and grubbing. And although it may feel like a lot, it’s necessary to know in order to complete the job safely and efficiently.

However, with such a confusing concept, it’s usually best to leave this type of thing to the experts.

So if you have some development work, or if you simply have questions that weren’t answered in this article, then contact us today to learn more.

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