Everything You Need To Know About Excavation


As of 2022, the US excavation contractors market has a value of $83.3 billion.

Carrying out a construction job is a huge task, and the excavation process alone can be very demanding. This isn’t something that someone can out alone, so it is important to understand the tasks involved and what you will need.

For a rundown of the excavation process, keep reading.

What Is Excavation?

Excavation is a term that covers site preparation, grading, trench digging, and other tasks carried out on job sites. This involves a lot of heavy machinery for digging, demolition, and load moving.

The Process

Before any physical work begins, the site is inspected and prepared. A supervisor and an engineer will do this, setting out the site boundaries, forming a plan of action, determining the excavation area, and more.

They will mark a rough layout and specify any objects or debris that need removing before the job can move on.

The next step involves clearing the worksite of any obstructions. This includes trees, roots, and other vegetation, as well as any other items that are in the way. At this point, you can lay out a plan for the ideal location of any machinery, as well as where all debris will be transported to.

After this, heavy equipment will come in to start the excavation. Some buildings may require a basement excavation, so any dirt in the way is dug out and moved elsewhere.

This dirt is then used for grading, which involves filling around the site to create an even pitch across the surface.

Erosion control measures ensure heavy rainfall doesn’t erode away the newly placed topsoil and additions. This protects the job site property, as well as any surrounding properties.

Equipment Needed

The equipment needed varies from project to project and depends on the scale of the work being carried out.

An excavator or a backhoe is almost always used for digging. When this dirt needs pushing aside, a bulldozer is ideal. A loader can then carry the dirt to a dump truck that will remove it from the job site.

Other machines sometimes used are trenching machines for creating long tenches (e.g. for pipelines) and draglines which are ideal for bulk excavation in soil that is waterlogged or loose.

Excavating Contractors

It isn’t unrealistic to find a mini excavator for sale, but when it comes to a lot of equipment, especially larger pieces, renting may be the best solution.

Excavating contractors like BuildPro LTD are very experienced in earthworks and will be able to provide you with everything you need. Earthwork is a complicated task, so having skilled professionals is essential.

BuildPro LTD offers several services such as:

  • Mass excavation
  • Site demolition
  • Site grading
  • Clearing and grubbing

Your Excavation Needs

Regardless of the size of your job, the team at BuildPro LTD is prepared and ready to help with any excavation or other earthworks.

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