How to Avoid Concrete Failure

Are you having a problem with concrete failure?

Concrete is one of the leading materials a lot of building companies use. However, as durable as the material may be, it still has weaknesses. One of them is in its creation. 

Concrete failure is a common occurrence when an error in mixing occurs. It’s a problem that even professional builders face, resulting in weak concrete. The best way to steer clear of this problem is to learn how to concrete failure.

Avoiding concrete failure is essential to make durable structures. It makes sure that the building is safe and secure. To explain further, here is our guide on how to avoid concrete failure.

Use Right Raw Materials

In most cases, concrete failure happens due to improper usage of materials. Builders may get careless and settle for subpar materials to save time and money. 

If you add one wrong material to the mixture, it can result in poor concrete quality. It then makes the concrete break easily, becoming void of the required strength. The most common result is known as concrete block failure.

Take note of the ratio and proportions when using a different brand. It may have higher or lower ratios that may have adverse effects on other materials. An example is concrete cube failure which is the result of a poor mixture.

Proper Mixing Reactions

Another factor that plays a part in concrete failure is the mixing reaction. Aggregates such as silica and alkali form a gel when exposed to humidity. It forces concrete to crack, resulting in concrete splitting failure. 

To avoid the aggregates contacting humidity, control the water access. If handling it is difficult, choose another material. It’s better to get low alkali cement due to its viability to humidity.

Careful Finishing Service

Some builders often overlook the finishing touches of the job. A poor finish traps air and water within the concrete. It’s a concrete blowout failure. 

The trapped air or water reduces the strength of the concrete slab in a certain area. It can later become vulnerable to breaking when exposed to a massive load.

Reduce the risk of this incident and keep the air content below 3%. Be observant of how you apply the concrete to avoid getting a premature finish.

Avoid Overloading the Concrete

The most common cause of concrete failure is through the application. An overload of wrong concrete can make the building unstable. It will later result in concrete beam failure, where the weight capacity exceeds.

A way to avoid this is to follow the recommended capacity. It will make sure that it can carry up to its limit.

Avoid Concrete Failure Today

We hope this guide will help you to avoid concrete failure. Don’t let your building become a dangerous hazard. Avoid making concrete failures by keeping these important tips in mind

Do you need help building your commercial structure? Contact us today to learn more about our professional paving, concrete, and earthworks services.

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