How to Plan for Successful Land Development

land development

The Earth seems massive. But the land developers can use is quite limited. Out of 149 million square kilometers on the Earth’s surface, 51 million are used for agriculture and 39 million are forests. Most of that land can never be developed, and the plots that can require a lot of earthwork. If you want successful land development, you need to plan ahead. But planning a successful project involves more than drafting a blueprint. You need to prepare land and yourself for the job. 

Get the facts you need and you can start your development today. Here is your quick guide. 

Examine Your Space

Head into the raw land and walk around. Take in the surroundings and look at neighboring buildings. Ask around to see how the development projects for those buildings went. 

You need to look at more than the land. Get color infrared photographs taken so you can examine surface water and wet soil. 

You can use infrared to detect leaks in pipes while you are building. But you should go to the city and get maps of underground pipes and wiring. Take notes of the spots you need to avoid them. 

Use the Land to Your Advantage

A survey of your land may uncover some problems. The ground may be too rocky or waterlogged to build a foundation on. You may still be able to build a foundation, but the construction will take longer than you thought. 

Don’t panic. Your excavation company can remove as many rocks as possible, then build your building on a concrete footing. 

If this is not an option, you can adjust your design. You can subdivide your plot into several lots. You can then build buildings in the workable areas and use poor-quality spots as landscaping.

Design Feature by Feature 

Design from the outside of your space inward. Take into account nearby roads and points of access to your space. 

For a large commercial building, you will need a parking lot. But inside that parking lot, you need streetlights and walkways. Make sure that you lay these features out in your design. 

A small commercial building in a suburban or urban area may not need its own parking lot. But you do need a lot nearby or street parking. Integrate concrete walkways so people can access your space.  

When you are ready to build, turn to a professional excavation company. They have experience handling heavy machinery and working on a number of designs. Run your design by them and see if there is anything you should add. 

How to Plan a Land Development Project

Land development is all about working with your resources. Get a look over the land you have available. Use photography to see where underground pipes lie and plan around those pipes. 

Use the contours of the land to your advantage. If you cannot excavate an area, split your plot into small lots. 

When you sit down to make a design, start from the outside and work your way in. Make sure your site is easy to access. 

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