Is Mass Excavation the Right Choice? A Closer Look

mass excavation

Projections show that the global earthmoving equipment market will reach a value of $84.24 billion by 2026. Mass excavation is one of the most important earthwork processes of any commercial project. Understanding what mass excavation involves will help you find the best excavating contractor for your project.

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What Is Mass Excavation

Mass excavation is the process of removing large amounts of earth and other materials with machinery. There is no set size for a project to define it as mass excavation – it is more down to the equipment used.

Excavators with a reinforced body and undercarriage are generally used for mass excavation. The machinery may also have a stronger stick, boom, and cylinders than a typical machine.

Mass excavation machinery needs to be robust enough to handle large amounts of continuous work, and are larger overall than standard excavation machines.

Typical Mass Excavation Projects

There is a wide range of projects that require mass excavation. Due to the scale and importance of many commercial projects, it is important to get things done right and not cut corners.


When demolishing a building or structure the debris will need to be removed. Any debris is first excavated, and then more earth, making the site ready for the new project.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is essential for any project that involves a new building construction. Solid foundations and stable ground are absolutely necessary. This means the whole area needs excavating. The larger the building, the larger the excavation.

This also comes into play when utilities such as gas lines or power lines are being installed or replaced.

Water Excavation

Water excavation is done when water lines are being replaced or installed. This also includes drainage systems.

Sewer Excavation

Like water excavation, this is for replacing or installing sewer systems. This is generally a quick and simple operation.

BuildPro STL Excavation Services

BuildPro STL offers a wide range of earthworks services, including mass excavation. While excavation may seem like a simple task, it does take a high level of skill to make sure everything is done properly.

The process can be quite a long one, but the team at BuildPro STL have decades of experience, enabling us to get things done efficiently and effectively.

We put our client’s project at the forefront and adapt our work to meet your needs. Our team will work with you from the beginning to the end of your project, doing everything we can to ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard.

Beyond excavating services, we also offer the following earthworks services:

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Site grading
  • Soil remediation and stabilization
  • Transportation and Industrial infrastructure

Whatever vision you have for your project, we are ready to help you through the entire process.

Professional Excavating Contractors

BuildPro STL is formed around several core principles: experience, quality, vision, professionalism, and safety. Through these, we aim to provide the best mass excavating service in the industry.

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