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BuildPro STL Construction was founded on doing great flatwork. While we have branched out into other capabilities, fabulous flatwork continues to be at the heart of our core competencies. Warehouse floors, pan decks, slab on grade, designer stamped and stained finishes, streets, driveways, parking lots, specialized industrial applications, and more. BuildPro STL is your flatwork leader.


BuildPro STL Project: Freshly poured concrete footings with gravel and rebar during the early construction of an apartment building in Chesterfield, Missouri. Construction forms stacked to the side.


From a foundation of quality, trust, and craftsmanship, we started BuildPro helping St. Louis homeowners improve their property’s beauty and value. Let us show you how we can do the same for you. Our footings and foundations are literally what St. Louis and beyond builds its future upon.


The entire length of this main street has undergone extensive reconstruction as much of the infrastructure and sewage systems, dating back to the late 1800s, was needing an update. This is a typical situation for many cities and municipalities across the United States with many billions of dollars of updates being needed. BuildPro STL is proud to help our country build its future.

The World is built on Concrete

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Parking Lots & Garages

Commercial Parking Lot and Parking Garage Construction. BuildPro STL helps commercial property owners, general contractors, municipalities and government agencies complete new, and breath new life into, their parking lots and garages with superior concrete technology and finishing skills.



Prior to joining BuildPro STL, our General Manager, Derrick Reeves was the owner and operator of Saint Louis Driveway for ten years. As Missouri’s premier concrete driveway contractor, Derrick and his team completed spectacular concrete driveways for some of St. Louis’s most noteworthy homes. He brings the same skill, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to the driveways that BuildPro STL does.


BUILT ON Principles


built to last

BuildPro STL Construction specializes in a full complement of site work specific construction competencies including earthwork, excavation, concrete flatwork, footings and foundations, commercial floors, asphalt paving, curb and gutters, piping, new roads and road repair. The founders of BuildPro STL have decades experience in high-end construction projects. Our work is built to last and look beautiful for years. BuildPro STL Construction Inc. is family owned and operated. We stand behind our work so that you will be proud to stand on it.

BuilPro STL Construction St. Louis
Earthwork BuildPro STL Construction Worker


high quality at a great price

Because we specialize in a small subset of complementary and synergistic trades, BuildPro STL Construction Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality, longest lasting, and most beautiful sitework and paving projects on time and on budget. Contractors who try to do everything rarely do anything particularly well. Conversely, contractors that only do one thing lack the knowledge and capability to complete projects that require several trades to interact and coordinate efforts. BuildPro STL handles everything that happens below the ground and on the ground. And in doing so, not only do we deliver higher quality, but often at a better price and in less time than when you deal with multiple contractors.


building the future for our community

Whether we are working for a developer, a general contractor, a property owner, a utility, or a government entity, BuildPro STL treats the project as if we were doing the work for ourselves. We put in the extra time and care from when the project is first conceived until final inspection to make sure the vision and purpose of the project is attained and exceeded.

BuildPro STL Commercial Engineers Building-Site
Land Surveyor Concrete Construction Saint Louis


attention to details

No job is complete until you are 100% satisfied. We consider every job we take to be our client for life, not a one-time customer like so many fly-by-night contractors treat their work. We intend to earn your business today, and for years to come. We can only do this by being the best at what we do, exceeding your expectations, and providing exceptional results at a fair price. The job is only complete when the customer is 100% satisfied. We are always a phone call away if you ever have an issue. And we will be around ten years from now, this you can count on.


keeping our workers and the jobsite safe

Safety for our workers, and the jobsite as a whole, is the first priority at all times. Our field workers go through extensive OSHA training required by us and the various labor unions. We maintain safety manuals, policies and records. Currently, we have an A+ rating with the ISN network with no major safety incidents.

BuildPro STL Construction Safety Concrete Worker Thumbs Up
Driveways & Sidewalks
Floors & Foundations
Patios, Pools, Decks
Satisfied Customers


We are proud to have worked with some of the Midwest’s wonderful developments. Our Commercial Division is happy to work with developers, general contractors, and owners on any project big or small.


From a foundation of quality, trust, and value, we started our business nearly a decade ago helping St. Louis, Missouri, and Southern Illinois residents improve their homes. Let us show you how we can do the same for you.

Concrete is Versatile & Timeless

That’s right, the benefits of concrete are substantial. Design possibilities — including color, texture, and shape — are limited only by your imagination. Concrete is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and the singularly most durable and longest lasting exterior surface material available, far outperforming asphalt. Concrete reflects heat, making it children and barefoot friendly.
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Stamped Concrete-Outdoor Kitchen Grill BuildPro Concrete Contractor St Louis County

Concrete is Tough and Beautiful

Wonder Woman Superhero St Louis Concrete Tough Beautiful
Concrete resists the harsh temperature changes in Missouri, and gives superior traction when snow or ice is present. A designer concrete driveway installed by the professionals at BuildPro STL Construction will make your home more beautiful, useful and valuable. We are Saint Ann’s best concrete contractors, and we look forward to proving it for you.