Soil Solutions: 5 Reasons Why Soil Remediation Is Essential

There are over 1300 Superfund sites on the EPA’s National Priorities List. Superfund sites have contaminated soil or water and need specialized restoration processes to clean them up. Soil remediation is one of these.

Emerging remediation technologies provide professionals with the ability to breathe new life into toxic parcels of land. Soil remediation companies can turn once inhospitable terrain into livable paradises.

With the right soil remediation standards, no project is too toxic for a professional to handle. Here are 5 reasons why soil remediation is an essential practice that helps humans clean up after themselves. 

1. Soil Remediation Removes Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as mercury and lead contaminate the soil and can lead to serious health problems for humans that come in contact with them. Through the different types of soil remediation, heavy metals can be mitigated.

Sometimes this involves removing and replacing all of the contaminated soil with fresh soil. Other times technologies such as soil washing can get the job done. It all depends on the severity of the contamination.

2. Soil Remediation Removes Harmful Fillers

Sometimes fillers that were acceptable to use in the past have ended up being very harmful to humans. This includes things such as asbestos or soil contaminated with oil.

If you get soil testing done and find a ton of harmful fillers, your best bet is to start the soil remediation process and remove them. For some types of fillers, you may want all new soil as they are very toxic.

3. It Improves Environmental Quality

If you want to have land suitable for growing food, or building a house on you need to ensure that its soil is free of contaminants. With contaminant-free soil, the overall environmental quality of your land will improve.

Trees, vegetation, and animals will be more healthy on your land. You too will feel the benefits of higher environmental quality by remaining free of disease or ailments.

4. Improves Health of Agricultural Land

64% of all agricultural land across the globe is contaminated by pesticides or other chemicals. If we as a society want to have any chance at preserving our fragile croplands, we need to remediate contaminated soil.

Contaminants travel up the food chain and can wreak havoc on top-level organisms such as humans as they compound. Getting all agricultural soil tested and remediated is the best way to avoid this problem.

5. You Can Increase Soil Nutrients

Sometimes the soil on your land is so leached of nutrients that nothing will grow on it. With the right remedies of soil remediation, you can get vital nutrients back to your land so your crops or garden will flourish.

Respect the Land and Enjoy Its Bounty

Nobody wants to live with contaminated soil on their property. Toxic soils can cause cancers and birth defects and ruin the land’s environmental quality. Soil remediation is the best strategy to mitigate toxic soil.

If you need soil remediation services contact us today. We are a leader in the field and can handle all of your soil remediation services so you can get back to enjoying the bountiful splendor of your land.

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