The Many Uses of Concrete

Concrete has been an essential building block for human civilization for over 3,000 years. And it’s naturally found precursor, cement, has been found dating back 12 million years. Its popularity comes from its durability, cost, and usability. Add to that the fact that there are so many uses of concrete, and it’s safe to say that concrete isn’t getting replaced any time soon.

We’ll cover the most popular uses of concrete today.

Roads and Bridges

Roughly 60% of the US Interstate Highway system is comprised of concrete, a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates. Further, virtually all bridges across the entire country are made with concrete.

Why? Because it is incredibly weather resistant. Even when resurfacing roads or bridges, the majority of the concrete and cement can be reused, therefore reducing the need for new materials.

Further, it’s safe, durable, and, compared to asphalt, reflects light better at night.

Home Foundations

Most modern homes are built with strong, concrete foundations. Yes, because it’s durable and sturdy, but there are other benefits.

The first is that concrete doesn’t burn or rot, like wood. This is important in areas prone to flooding or heavy storms, whether from hurricanes or otherwise.

Concrete basements are important for homes built in tornado zones, as well. The extra heft and security far outmatch other types of foundations.

It helps that concrete is a fairly inexpensive material for most construction projects. Often, used concrete mixers are available for rent or purchase for builders to use.

Driveways, Patios, and Sidewalks

Asphalt gets hot. Far hotter than concrete, due to concrete lighter color and reflectivity. This makes it an ideal material for building both parking lots and sidewalks.

Sidewalks are essential to be made of concrete. People walk their pets on sidewalks, and no one wants burnt paws. Further, both children and adults alike play, do chores, and yardwork barefoot outdoors.

They also last a heck of a lot longer than asphalt and thus don’t need to be repaved regularly. This helps keep costs down as well.

If you’re business works primarily on concrete patios or driveways, there are often used concrete molds for sale that can help get the job done without requiring you to get a new, custom mold.

Mid and High-Rise Buildings

If you’re seeing a trend, that’s because yes, concrete is an incredibly strong material for building projects. Larger buildings and structures are made primarily of concrete for this reason, as other materials wouldn’t manage the load.

Stone and wood can’t compete. And after big projects like these, builders like to sell off their used concrete pumps and other materials, as there are far fewer high-rises across America than there are roads and patios.

The Many Uses of Concrete

These are the most common uses of concrete. It’s a tremendous material for construction and plays an essential part in our everyday lives. It’s likely you drive or walk on something supported by it every day!

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