The Most Durable Patio Stones for Your Commercial Space

When it comes to your business, it’s important to make guests feel welcome. While there are many ways to do that, having a gorgeous facility is bound to keep customers around a little longer. And if you’ve got a patio, then you have even more incentive to take care of your business’s looks. After all, the patio is where guests will relax and make themselves comfortable. Part of that comfort is knowing that they’re on a stunning piece of well-crafted property. So keep reading to read about the most durable patio stones for your commercial space. Afterward, you’ll be ready to call professional to carry out your vision.


This material is great for anyone that mainly cares about practicality. That’s a valid priority, especially considering concrete’s ability to withstand a ton of damage. Not only that, but it’s one of the most affordable patio building materials.

But beware if your area is in a particularly cold area. The chill might cause the concrete to expand and crack, threatening its structural integrity. However, concrete is still a fantastic and reliable option for anyone wanting the most durable patio.

That doesn’t mean there’s no room for customizability. In fact, you can customize through concrete grooving. Or you can use concrete patio slabs, which look nicer than a basic concrete patio.

Indian Sandstone

Many are willing to import this gorgeous material to beautify their patios, and for good reason. Indian sandstone is gorgeous, with a natural but polished finish. It also comes in many hues and gradient colors, which is appealing to people of various aesthetic tastes.

Not only that, but the tiny grains of sandstone are held together by a silicon-based material. This seals the material from most environmental damage, rendering it very resilient.


Porcelain technically isn’t stone. Instead, it’s a type of ceramic tile which means it’s made out of clay. So while it’s the odd one out on this list of types of patio stones, it’s still a fairly natural and water resistant material.

For business owners, porcelain is great at upgrading commercial patios. Not only that, but it’s customizable enough to include mosaic designs! Porcelain doesn’t only make a nice patio – it makes a luxurious one too.

However, the fact of the matter is that porcelain cannot fully replicate the beauty of natural stone. It will still look stunning, but porcelain is a better choice for people that love the specific benefits of ceramic materials.

Patio Stones to Beautify Your Building

There are many ways to make your commercial patio gorgeous. One of these ways is using patio stones, whose beauty and finish is unlike any other material. Using any of of the various types is bound to let your business put its sleekest foot forward.

At Build Pro STL, we understand how important quality and skill is when it comes to commercial buildings. That’s why we offer quality commercial construction services for any business that needs them, including those involving patio stone materials. So contact us today if you’d like a gorgeous commercial patio!

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