What Are the Different Types of Earth Moving Equipment

Are you unsure what to purchase for your new project or worksite? We’ll walk you through the various machinery you could add to your arsenal.

Earth moving equipment is a game-changer on the construction playing field. Although COVID has added challenges and restrictions, the earth moving market will grow 3% by 2026.

Even though you’ve felt the loss of projects such as restaurants and gyms, those are returning to your project queue as vaccines ramp up and life returns to a semi-normal state.

Let’s dig into what types of earth moving equipment are best for your project.

1. Bulldozer

The most common heavy earth moving equipment is the bulldozer. Sitting on track chains, it wields a ripper and blade at either end of its cab enclosure. You’ll want one of these for clearing and grubbing.

Bulldozers are great for any job that requires pushing and tearing. Sand, dirt, and rock are crushed into smaller pieces and moved aside. This is an excellent choice for any project where chunky, stubborn earth must be tamed.

2. Skid-Steer Loaders

Skid-steer loaders are best in show for small earth moving equipment. These versatile and mobile machines are common on small project sites as well as large ones that are near completion.

The most important functions of a skid-steer loader are its bucket and loader lift arm. The claw can scoop up debris and other objects, easily moving them into trucks using its hydraulic-powered arms. Additionally, because of its small size, skid-steer loaders will not disrupt the ground or damage the site when handled properly.

3. Excavators

Get a lot done fast with the help of an excavator. This large earth moving equipment is another icon of construction! It’s similar to the skid-steer loader but has a massive arm attached to its bucket.

Excavators can reach into tough areas to remove or add heavy objects. Its ability to rotate 360 degrees allows the operator a bird’s eye view of the construction site. The bucket can be repurposed for demolition projects, too!

4. Telehandlers

Telehandlers are highly mobile and mighty lifters that are equipped with a long fork. This equipment is ideal for moving crates and packages across the worksite. Its long arm allows the fork to twist and position itself any which way to safely load and unload items in hard-to-reach spots.

5. Pile Driver

Finally, the pile driver creates firm, packed earth using the force of a weight placed between its guides. The other equipment listed here focuses on either demolition or transporting objects across the site, but the pile driver is here to smooth out the land for your building project.

Select Your Earth Moving Equipment Today

We have described five essential earth moving equipment machines you can buy for your next project. At BuildPro, we pride ourselves on machine mastery and timely project completion. Consider hiring us for your next Earthwork project

We’re on top of the latest building and demolition trends and advice, so read more about our company and the work we’re proud of on our construction blog. Contact us today!

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