What Is the Process for Asphalt Road Construction?

asphalt road construction

Asphalt roads are used by consumer and commercial groups every single day, and as more drivers are added to the road they continue to be the primary means of getting ourselves from point A to point B. It’s a safe bet to say that you’ve also driven on the road before and enjoyed the benefits of safe, smooth, and fast travel.

That said, what do you know about asphalt road construction? The construction process may look easy or even boring to the average driver passing by a construction job on the highway, but the process consists of multiple steps that all have to work successfully if the road is to be completed on time and built to last.

So, what exactly does it take to complete the asphalt road construction process? This article goes into detail about how to build the proper road using asphalt. Read on so you can stay informed!

Asphalt Road Construction Begins With Demolition

Before anything can be laid down, the construction company must first make sure the ground is in the right condition to place the new asphalt on. To do this, they bring in machinery such as bobcats, forklifts, and front loaders to remove unwanted debris, old asphalt or concrete, or any existing pavers.

Next, They Take Care of the Sloping

The construction company wants to make sure that the roads are prepared for any rainy day, so proper grading and sloping must be put into place to minimize the occurrence of potholes, cracks, and any other types of road damage that could come from water.

Then, Make a Sub Base

The sub base is perhaps the most important part that you never see. It not only provides a stable layer for the new asphalt but also acts as a frost barrier to help reduce and damage that could come from the winter, which will provide years of durability.

Add a Binder Layer, Then Install the Asphalt

Finally, the construction company will add a binder layer made of aggregate and oil on top of the sub base to add a strong foundation to the road, and afterward will add a top layer of asphalt to finalize the road and add an attractive, smooth finish.

Time to Start Building

The process of asphalt road construction takes time and care to complete, and now you know exactly what it takes to make it all happen. If you need commercial asphalt services, you’ll want to know that the company you choose can carry out the road construction process in the manner that you need it done. We’re the right people to help you with your needs.

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