Winter Maintenance for Commercial Asphalt

Projections show that this coming Winter will be brutal this year, so that means it is time to prepare to protect your assets. Commercial asphalt needs the proper maintenance to support its longevity and safety, especially in the winter months. Keeping your company’s lot protected during the frigid temperatures isn’t always easy, but it can be done so long as you keep this simple guide close this winter season. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top expert commercial asphalt maintenance tips you need to know!

Assess Your Area 

Before winter hits, it is crucial that you get a grasp on the condition of your lot. That means a deep clean of the area, including debris removal and sweeping. Once you have cleared the lot it is time to survey the area to check for things such as pooling water, cracks, pot holes, etc. 

These issues will only get worse once the cold weather hits, so they should be addressed before the first big freeze of the season. If you have significant pot holes or cracks you should consult a professional team to assess the damage and repair it before winter arrives. 

Keep It Clean

Once the snow starts falling, you are going to need to kick your commercial asphalt maintenance into high gear. Recently, the Midwest was pelted with rapid snowfall reaching up to two inches per hour. As the snow falls it collects quickly and puts an alarming amount of pressure on asphalt and concrete. 

As the snow piles up the pressure will eventually lead to cracks and potholes in the asphalt. Consider hiring a team to keep the area clear by way of regular shoveling or plowing of the lot. 

Be Cautious 

De-icing agents like rock salt are great for removing ice and snow quickly, however, they can do detrimental damage to porous surfaces like asphalt. Other agents such as sugar beet juice, sand, or potassium chloride are safer to use on asphalt when you are de-icing your lot. 

Additionally, make sure that you are keeping up with the walkways coming from your asphalt lot. Your lot might be clean and free of snow and ice build-up, but if the walkways are not maintained, it could lead to someone on staff or a customer getting injured. 

Maintaining Your Commercial Asphalt This Winter 

Commercial asphalt is something that you can depend on lasting you for a long time…If you take of it! Maintaining your lots during the winter months is essential, so keep this guide in mind this winter and save yourself from needing commercial asphalt repair down the road. 

With that being said, you might need a fresh start, so we are here to help! From filling potholes and cracks to starting new with a brand new commercial asphalt lot, our team will help you get your space where you need it to be no matter what time of year! Contact us today and speak to one of our dedicated team members about your concrete and asphalt needs. 

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