Your Project Planning Guide: Types of Mass Excavation Tools

Were you aware that a construction worker has a 10 percent chance of being injured at work this year? That percentage only gets higher if they are using the wrong equipment for the job. 

If you are planning a construction project, you will need to turn to the right equipment to avoid accidents and to get the job finished on schedule. But what tools do you need for a mass excavation project?

Let’s take a look at the options you have and what each one can do.


Loaders are machines that take dirt and other materials and move them to other locations. They can carry snow, sand, gravel, and more. If you do not need to go too far down into the earth, you can even use loaders to dig.

There are three main types of loaders.

  • Backhoe loaders, which can dig, back-fill, break up rocks, carry heavy materials, and can perform light demolition work
  • Track loaders, which run on tracks and can manage uneven terrain while being able to tackle various tasks like digging and grading
  • Skid steer loaders, which are perfect for tight spaces that require lots of maneuvering, and which can perform digging, excavating, grading, leveling, and more 

All loaders are well-suited to navigate on soft soil.


Excavators are for demolishing and digging. Of the earthmoving equipment options, these are the ones that can dig the massive hole you need for a project’s foundations. There are even larger models that can be perfect for mining, dredging, large demolition jobs, and pile driving.

If you need a lot of power but have a tight space in which to work, there are mini-excavators. These can come with tracks, for soft terrain, or with wheels, for smooth terrain.

Bulldozers for Mass Excavations

A bulldozer is for moving and grading earth. They work best in large spaces and can easily maneuver over soft ground because of the tracks that distribute their weight.

One of the attachments bulldozers have is a blade that can push building remains, debris, dirt, and more where you want it to be.


The trencher is a commercial mass excavation tool made for digging trenches. When you need to lay pipes or cables, you need a trencher.

You can choose from different sizes, from small trenchers to large machines that can easily cut into tough material. They all have chains with teeth that work similarly to a chainsaw.

Once they cut into the material, a conveyor system takes it up to the side of the trench.


When you need to level the terrain, you need a scraper. They scrape the soil and collect it in what is called a hopper. You can use them for digging, leveling, loading, cutting to grade, and even dumping.

Select the Right Equipment

As you start planning your project, you need to ensure you have the correct mass excavation tools on site. We can help with that and so much more.

Contact us to begin your construction project the right way!

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