Your Site Grading Guide: What to Look for in a Good Grading Plan

Anytime you undertake a construction project, you need to invest in site grading. All projects require land grading because the natural ground contour doesn’t match the level foundation surface requirement for construction. 

Many times the property will have undesirable grades or features that need rendering before construction. Thus, always schedule a land survey and site grading first.

Keep reading to learn about what makes a successful land grading plan.

Features of a Sound Grading Contractor and Plan

When choosing a grading contractor, you want to work with a company that ensures the safety of its workers. Then, the contractor needs to secure the correct licenses and permits. 

Once the proper paperwork is in place, the contractor will study the land. This includes:

  • Land slope
  • Soil types
  • Distance to human or wildlife populations
  • Underlying facilities or structures

Then, the contractor will develop a plan for the project and identify a timeline. Finally, they will begin with a mass excavation to remove any items on-site.

Mass excavation is necessary to remove large amounts of materials. The process uses large machines and takes more time. Once they remove all the items, they can grade the site to achieve the correct level base for the foundation.

Types of Site Grading

The main goals of land grading are to stop soil erosion and provide drainage solutions. Without proper land grading, you will end up with flooding and other foundational problems in the future.

The ground should never slope toward the foundation. Instead, water should run off and away from the foundation. You can also use drainage pipes to ensure flooding doesn’t occur.

However, every piece of land is different. Thus, your site grading needs will differ from project to project. 

If you have a property that already has structures on it, you may need site demolition. But, again, it will depend on your end goals and if you plan to repurpose existing structures.

But, to build a new industrial infrastructure, you first need to remove the old foundations. Additionally, some sites need clearing & grubbing to get rid of objects like:

  • Trees
  • Brush
  • Grass
  • Weeds
  • Other unwanted vegetation

Many sites also need soil remediation & soil stabilization. This process will give new life to the soil and prep it for the foundation. It also removes contaminants. This protects people and the environment.

Transportation and industrial infrastructure need even more earthwork. These projects include:

  • Canals
  • Waterways
  • Airways
  • Railways
  • Roads
  • Terminals
  • Pipelines for trucking terminals, warehouses, bus stations, train stations, seaports, refueling depots, and airports

So while site grading gives you the proper foundation you need, ensure your contractor successfully removes any unwanted items and provides healthy soil for complete success. 

Schedule Your Land Grading

No matter your commercial needs, site grading is an essential step before beginning construction. If you skip land grading, you could face severe consequences later on.

For more information about site grading, schedule a call with us at BuildPro SLT Construction. Our contractors specialize in high-quality and beautiful site work. 

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